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Triple Diamond Homes builds your custom home at its own expense.

Have you ever considered building a custom home, but paying for it as if you bought a fully constructed home in move-in condition?

Have you ever wondered how to cope with potential construction risks, such as a situation in which the builder disappears in the middle of the project, prices increase unexpectedly and deadlines are missed?

Have you ever inquired as to how tedious and time consuming the preconstruction mortgage approval process can be?

A Custom Made Home

Triple Diamond Homes is the only building company that can solve all of the common concerns mentioned above.

We at Triple Diamond Homes build your custom home at our own expense. Only when the house is completed and in move-in condition will you be required to make the payment.

We are more than eager to finish the project on time because we build the house on our own money.

Because you make a payment only after the house has been built, the mortgage approval process runs much more smoothly. You can get a regular mortgage on regular terms.

We do not spread ourselves too thin. We operate with our own funds, which allows us to build, on average, two to three homes per year. We believe in word of mouth. That is why we deliver a straightforward pricing structure and provide exceptional after-sales service.

We live by the following phrase: "If we do a good job, two people would know; if we do a bad job, ten people would know."

Hassle Free Package

Free services for our clients

    To all our clients we offer the following free services:

  • Hassle Free Package. This package includes moving services, packing, disassembling and reassembling the furniture*
  • 7 hours of landscape or interior design*
  • Providing a storage unit*
  • Help in gathering documentation required for mortgage approval
  • Help in renting a temporary place to live in
  • Help in getting building permits

* For contracts over $100,000

what people say about us


"I was very pleased to deal with Triple Diamond Homes. First, the Hassle Free Package caught my attention, even though ..."

Mark and Susan

"After my accident, we were afraid that we would have to sell our lovely home. I could no longer.."

Robert and Karen

My wife and I were very happy to find out that we were expecting twins. We ...

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Giving back to community

We make our community better

As a construction company, we make our living from building structures. However, we fully recognize that no structure exists for its own purposes. Every building is part of a community; every structure is brought to life by the people who inhabit it. Therefore, we fully dedicate ourselves not just to building sound structures but to building a thriving community.

Currently, we are involved with several key organizations to accomplish this. We support the Basketeers and Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships.

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Building vs. Buying

Building a house with Triple Diamond Homes may bring substantial savings for your budget. Let us consider the following scenarios.

Scenario 1. Buying a new home

John lives in Toronto in a pre-war bungalow market value of $800,000. He wants to sell him house and buy a newer better home. He hires a real estate agent and upon successful sale pays 5% commission, which accounts to $40,000. He gets a mortgage at 3% rate. Then he buys a new 4,000 sq. ft. house for $1,400,000 and pays land transfer taxes, which accounts roughly to $48,000. The total cost of this transaction adds up to $1,488,000. John gets a home not tailored to his needs. During the transaction he does not bear any construction risks.

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