What people say about us


"I was very pleased to deal with Triple Diamond Homes. First, the Hassle Free Package caught my attention, even though I was very sceptical that it could be so easily done. As a busy working mom of three, that was one of the deciding factors. Triple Diamond Homes offered us three alternatives to choose from based on my family's requirements. I would not think twice to recommend the company to my friends."

Bryan and Elisabeth:

"We were searching for a contractor to rebuild our cabin for a long time. Unfortunately, we could not find any contractors who were willing to undertake our $40,000 project. I found this company online. Although my husband objected, I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, when Triple Diamond Homes found out we were retirees, they offered us a 10% discount."

Mark and Susan:

"After my accident, we were afraid that we would have to sell our lovely home. I could no longer move around freely, the doorways were too narrow for my chair, and using the stairs was out of the question. Even accessing the sink was a real chore.

Triple Diamond Homes modified doorways and fixtures to accommodate my new needs, and the ramp that they added to our entryway blends beautifully with our home's exterior and landscaping. They even helped us place an order for special furniture. That was a lot more than we expected from a construction company!"

Robert and Karen:

"My wife and I were very happy to find out that we were expecting twins. We realized that we needed to expand and decided to go for a custom made home that would reflect our needs and lifestyle. I'd been looking for a contractor when a friend of mine suggested that I take a look at Triple Diamond Homes. He'd had a positive experience with them previously and highly recommended their services. I was really grateful that the company offered such a hassle free package. With my wife busy with the children and my job as an executive, we didn't have time to arrange moving, packing and storage of the furniture. It was truly delightful to do business with such a highly sophisticated team of professionals."