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Construction of custom made homes and additions in GTA

A custom home is sculpted from a lifetime of dreams. Without proper guidance, the process of building a new house will quickly transform into a nightmare. At Triple Diamond Homes, we nurture your construction project through every stage of development, making your dream home into a reality. "Second-rate" is not a concept we understand; so, our clients always leave with the home they envisioned, a competitive price, and a contractor they can depend on.

With more than a decade of experience in construction and real estate development, Triple Diamond Homes is committed to serving Greater Toronto area clients with reliability and integrity. Clients invest not only money, but time and trust, and that's an investment we take seriously. We offer complete transparency in our construction and renovation projects, always maintaining clear communication with clients and staying consistent with your vision.

Stress-Free Home Construction

Making the decision to build additional rooms or design a dream house doesn't prepare most homeowners for the countless difficulties that come with a construction project. Schedule delays, unexpected costs and physical obstacles are just a few of the issues homeowners encounter when they choose the wrong contractor. You're most likely overwhelmed with questions:

Construction of Custom Made Homes and Additions

  • How do I start the design process?
  • Where can I find a trustworthy contractor?
  • Does a construction quote consider all cost factors?
  • Where can I relocate during a renovation?
  • Do I have time to make relocation and storage arrangements?
  • Will the finished product match my expectations?

The magnitude of such concerns compels many people to abandon their building plans. As a result, they lose out on the opportunity to improve their living conditions and significantly increase home equity. Our goal at Triple Diamond Homes is to handle the vital details, relieving our clients of a considerable burden. Our success is never a happy accident. We take the time to access your project criteria, location and budget to come up with a solid construction plan with a reasonable turnaround time.

It's our philosophy that a contractor's job goes beyond mere construction. We are the only contracting team that offers a complete Hassle Free Package to assist clients in every phase of development, including securing building permits, finding temporary living accommodations, moving your belongings and decorating your new home.

Our doors remain open to you long after construction, with ongoing maintenance services and membership discounts for our loyal customers. We want clients to feel confident in coming back to us with all of their construction needs. There's nothing more rewarding to us than seeing a customer's relief and satisfaction when a building project turns out to be easier than they expected. As our past clients will tell you, Triple Diamond Homes doesn't just build houses. We build solutions.

Hassle Free Package

Free services for our clients*

    To all our clients we offer the following free services:

  • Hassle Free Package. This package includes moving services, packing, disassembling and reassembling the furniture
  • 25 hours of interior design
  • 7 hours of landscape design

* For contracts over $500,000

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Giving back to community

We make our community better

As a construction company, we make our living from building structures. However, we fully recognize that no structure exists for its own purposes. Every building is part of a community; every structure is brought to life by the people who inhabit it. Therefore, we fully dedicate ourselves not just to building sound structures but to building a thriving community.

Currently, we are involved with several key organizations to accomplish this. We support the Basketeers and Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships.

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