Giving back

As a construction company, we make our living from building structures. However, we fully recognize that no structure exists for its own purpose. Every building is part of a community; every structure is brought to life by the people who inhabit it. Therefore, we fully dedicate ourselves not just to building sound structures but to building a thriving community.

To do this, we routinely are involved with community events, staying fully apprised of relevant issues. This way, we can best determine how to devote our services in order to create the best future possible for our children. Currently, we are involved with several key organizations to accomplish this.

First, we support the Basketeers. This powerful organization supports abused women in our community. The Basketeers helps these women transition to new, safer lives and is best known for giving care baskets in times of need. We believe in empowering all women, and this organization is a wonderful starting point for that.

We also provide assistance to Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships. Healthy living is a primary concern among health officials across the country, so we believe that supporting fitness is vital. By supporting this organization we can promote widespread access to rowing activities, including leagues and competitions.

Ultimately, we are also dedicated to Canadian producers. With the uncertainty in the global marketplace, buying locally is more important than ever. Therefore, we invest our money in our country and buy goods made in Canada when possible.