Make your dream come true

The process of building a custom home

When the time comes to realize your dreams in a home of your own, our professionals are here to make the entire process as easy as possible for you. With years of experience and expertise in this field, we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.

The building process is separated into two major stages: design and construction. First, during the crucial design stage, we help you lay out the foundation of your beautiful dream home. To make sure that our construction professionals fulfill your every requirement and exceed all of your expectations, we first meet with you to create a custom design plan for the project at hand. This is your chance to tell our team exactly what you want from your dream home.

A Custom Made HomeIf you know that you are ready to move forward in custom home construction but still need help in formulating a design that fits your lifestyle, our team of professional designers is here to help. We will arrange meetings with up to four different designers so that you get multiple opportunities to find an expert whose original and unique work appeals to you. After you choose a designer, he or she will continue to work with you throughout the duration of the entire project, building your home from a list of your specifications and requirements.

Another exceptional service that we offer is professional shopping assistance. Your personal designer can escort you to a home supply store to help you select the materials that will best suit your preferences. From kitchen and bathroom cabinets to numerous flooring options, you choose the look that will exemplify the custom design of your home.

During the construction stage, our professionals strive to make every step convenient and hassle free for you. In fact, we offer an exclusive hassle free package specifically oriented around making this process pleasant and easy for each and every one of our clients. Weekly progress updates will assure you that construction is going well and as planned, putting your mind at ease throughout the entire stage.

When your new home is ready for move-in, we offer a variety of specialty services to ensure your absolute satisfaction. We offer custom decor options (such as sculptures and paintings) to put the final touch on your beautiful dream home. Enjoy additional perks (including discounts on any future orders) with our membership program and rest assured in the knowledge that your home is protected under warranty by our service department. And because you deserve to celebrate your new home, we offer exclusive resort packages to our clients after construction is complete. For all of your custom home design needs, trust our experts to help make your dreams a reality.

Hassle Free Package

Free services for our clients*

    To all our clients we offer the following free services:

  • Hassle Free Package. This package includes moving services, packing, disassembling and reassembling the furniture
  • 25 hours of interior design
  • 7 hours of landscape design

* For contracts over $500,000

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Giving back to community

We make our community better

As a construction company, we make our living from building structures. However, we fully recognize that no structure exists for its own purposes. Every building is part of a community; every structure is brought to life by the people who inhabit it. Therefore, we fully dedicate ourselves not just to building sound structures but to building a thriving community.

Currently, we are involved with several key organizations to accomplish this. We support the Basketeers and Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships.

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